Sanko is a private and duly licensed land-based recruitment agency in the Philippines. Managed and run by a team of experienced professionals, engaged in providing specialized manpower to various industries.
The Company’s primary objective is “To engaged in the business of contracting, enlisting, recruiting Professional, Skilled, and Semi-Skilled Workers for overseas employment, and to act as Agents for individuals or firms for Manpower Supply, in-which the company has been provide exceptional service to many clients among a vast array of industries across Asia, Middle East, and North America. With Japan which is the major client of the Company, Sanko successfully handled placements at all levels in all departments of Technical & Administrative field. It applies its insight to create a continuum of staffing solutions designed to enhanced business agility, productivity and competitiveness, with extra ordinary results.


To be the undisputed leaders in the trade through reputation and results.


Lead the group towards its goal by giving an excellent quality customer service to our clients.

Ms. Jezreel Tanahashi


Our corporate goal is to serve our partners and our clients in providing a quality and specialized manpower service. Having a professional and a well-experienced recruitment specialists from Japan and from the Philippines we are confident and dedicated in helping a Company achieve its specific Human Resource needs. Our strategic recruitment team successfully handled placements in different various of occupations, from Skilled and Semi-Skilled Workers to Professional occupations. Our Company is one of the leading Recruitment Agency here in the Philippines who provides Manpower Support to different Industries to our Major Clients in Japan and to some other Companies in North America, Middle East and Asia Pacific Region. We take pride in performing every single job order professionally, with integrity, passion, and dedication to our clients. We are always ready and continuously strive for innovation and enhanced efficiency. We are looking forward for more years of Partnership to Our foreign employment providers and and internal parties who have remained supportive and confident to our organization as we also look forward in giving more opportunities to all qualified Filipino talents who seek Job Overseas.